Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Welcome to everything AERO!

I decided to start this blog to help feature products that are offered at AERO.  I realize that not every shopper has the opportunity to visit our Soho-NYC location so I felt putting items online would be a great way to reach out to a broader range of potential clients.

This blog will serve as a guide for new and returning clients to get a better understanding of the products at AERO.  I will feature a few items a week telling the story behind the product as well as giving potential uses for said product.  I encourage visitors to the blog to add comments on why they love the product or to offer insight on other uses for the featured product.  All items posted are available for purchase while supplies last.

In addition to featuring products, I will post when new lines designed by Thomas O'Brien are available or when anything noteworthy happens at AERO.  Please enjoy The AERO Store blog and I welcome you to join me in learning about everything AERO!

Thank you,
Jonathan Dixon 

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